Income Openings

It may be necessary to establish an income while living at Laplair Forest Lakes.

There are some investment opportunities, that need development, and one already established business is available, if taken at the same time as the property purchase.


Possible Income 1

Online English Language Teaching

This is firmly established and currently nets around $1500 a month, as it stands.

(Takes an hour or two, five days a week to cover).

The business could - without too much effort - be increased to double that and more, but will require extra input time on the computer.

This online business can be included in sale of property, (as an incentive) at $45,000. Otherwise will sell, lock, stock and all essential details, at $105,000.

See more, here.

Market Value: $105,000

Based on: https://exitadviser.com/calculate-business-value.aspx

Remote Living

Subdividing the land can be completed immediately as it is already zoned for this.

Example: Creation of any number of individual plots/lots can be made and sold, as required.

Image by Tony Pham

Possible Income 2

Black Peppercorns Growing & Marketing Operation

This can be developed as described, here.

This lucrative enterpirse has been set in motion already. The specific variety of black peppercorn used produces an extremely pungent spice which is in strong demand.

Depending on the quality, sells for 120 Thai baht up to 200 Thai baht per kilo. Each peppercorn vine produces around 5kg of peppercorns a year.

The vine offshoots can be cut and planted, and when the new roots take can be sold for 125 Thai baht a plant, set in a black plastic growing bag.

Offshoots of existing vines are used for replanting additional parent vines. 

Market Value: $250,000

Based on: https://exitadviser.com/calculate-business-value.aspx

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Native Trees

1300 Native trees (planted in 2019). 13 different varieties have been selected. These include; Pa Yoong (Thai Rosewood), Dang Redwood, Mahogany, Sak Tong (Golden Teak), Ching Chan, Krisana (Agar), Yang Na (Gurjam), and others. Trees should be ready in 7-12 years

25 Mature native trees​.

I Thai Rosewood or Padauk (both growing) tree, girth of 50cm and 2m in length, fetches 1 million baht.

Other varieties, with the same sizes, can be sold for ½ million baht. If sold to waiting buyers in China, the price can be 3 times that shown.

To speed up the growth, steps can be taken:

Provide nutrients, full sun, mulches, water very frequently in dry season.

Extra watering, nutrient, mulches and so on, has been applied to existing trees since planting.

Current tree stocks valued at 700 million baht at logging stage. Approx 20 million USD, less extration and handling.

See: https://www.thairath.co.th/news/local/1605441 

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Mr Atthaphon Chareonsa, Director-General of the Department of Forestry said that the reason that the first 3 types of rosewood rosewood are soaring. it that it has become of huge value to Chinese people. Anyone who has collected red wooden furniture will be considered wealthy.


Black Pepper (King of Spices)

100 peppercorns vines planted next to established mango trees. These vines can be pruned and the cuttings used to produce thousands of peppercorns.

Local selling price for black peppercorns lowest 88 baht, but more likely 150 to 250 baht/kg and even more, when sold online, and to identified buyers.

Approx 10-13kg per plant per year. (1kg/vine/wk)

​Estimated income 100 plants, 88 thb/kg/yr - 88,000 THB

​Estimated inc. 1000 plants, 88 thb/kg/yr - 880,000 THB

​Est. inc. 10,000 plants, 200 thb/kg/yr - 20,000,000 THB

1st batch of 100 Peppercorns ready for harvest in early 2021. At this time another much larger batch will be planted, taking cuttings from the first batch. SEE MORE.

Image by Aswathy N

Elderly People's Home

Care homes in the US are expensive and an alternative is to provide long term care for more adventurous elderly seniors in Thailand.

Health personnel is very reasonable making this venture an easy choice.

Some development would be required; like more huts and facilities. Qulaified staff is readily available at very acceptable rates


English language camp

The current owners, both have worked in English language tuition all their lives.

An English camp would do well here, where students come to stay and immerse themselves in the language for a weekend, a week and longer.

Image by king navarro

Fishing Destination

A glorious five-acre lake fringed by quiet lakeside walkways and beyond that the jungle. Fish amongst a tropical garden of vivid plants, ponds and sound of running water. 

Many fish species already established in both lakes, more can be added. Live fish can be had locally.

Image by Vero Photoart

Health Spa / Weight Loss Center

IDEAS: Long-term weight-loss success is har but never possible. Stay in your natural, tempting environment. Spending weeks here at our fitness retreat with a scientific plan and caring fitness experts, you can't fail to lose.

Set up a program designed to help attendees reconnect with themselves and nature and taking more control of your health and wellbeing.


Instead of temporary health treatments, you're enjoying health transformation.

Provide: Daily Personal Training, Weight Loss Panel, Massages, Spa, Excursions and more.


Grow & Sell PomPoms

That's not the actual botanical name of this so beautiful tree.

They are quite rare and around 1000 growing at Laplair. Some mature, some half way grown, some planted last year.

A person-height tree, well rounded, with blossoms, sells for around 315 THB ($20). They can be propagated from cuttins of 12 inches to 24 inches. The cuttings as thick as a wrist do best - grow fast and big. Smaller cuttings take a full year to become big enough sell.

The leaves all drop off, before the yellow flowers come; and take on a very Japanese art style.