TALKING TEACHERS is not the name of the English Language Online business, being sold and transferred.

Unless funds are already available, it's necessary to have an income while living in Western Thailand.

Two existing incomes are offered, with the English Language existing business being an optional extra.

Add $45,000 to the property purchase price. 

If not wanted the business will be kept by current owners.

The Black Peppercorn ('can be franchised locally') has been actioned already and can be developed or abandoned, as the new owner wishes.

All contacts, details, and assistance is available to new owners.

English Language Online

A Going Concern

An existing and profitable English language online business will be offered at 43% of the accepted business value, to the purchaser of Laplair Forest Lakes.


The reasons for this transfer will be made clear to the buyer of Laplair. The online business is currently valued at $105,000 and will be offered at 43% of this amount, only to the buyer of Laplair.

This is offered as an incentive to purchase and to fulfill the potential need for a foreign resident owner to have an independent income in Thailand. The offer does not apply outside of a Laplair sale.


Serious inquires will be able to see the actual business website. It originated in New Zealand and finds online teaching positions for potential teachers.

There are on-going contracts that provide teacher engagements for qualified teachers.

In some countries - especially in the Persian Gulf, and parts of Asia - a college degree is officially (and sometimes unofficially) required to be hired as a teacher. Other times, individual schools may have their own requirements, depending on whether they are public, private, or follow a particular teaching methodology. However allthough qualifications do give you a higher pay scale, we can work with anyone who speaks good English and understands it well.

A Special Arrangement Has Been Reached Between Institutions, Colleges, Military, Private Schools and Government Departments.
To save employers the trouble of sifting and interviewing online teacher applicants, the business has agreed to do this sorting for them.

Teachers are appraised by a onsite evaluationof their abilities and are assigned online jobs, mainly in Japan, Asia and lately in the Middle East.

The fast learning techniques known as BETTER FASTER ENGLISH system that it has expanded its operations to include government departments and military institutions in several countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Taiwan. Teachers are now being accepted from ANY location, at all. The only important fact is whether they can teach English in an acceptable manner.


Incomes are derived both from member registrations and from institutions where the teachers work online.

The business has expanded recently and currently requires more personal input by those owning and operating it.

It can be run by a single person but it is highly suggested at least two people, handle communications and the organization.

One to supervise contacts with principals, and the other to liaise with teachers.

TALKING TEACHERS is not the name of the English Language Online business, being sold and transferred.


Laplair Forest Lakes


(A hide-away investment property, full of potential - in western Thailand)    Fast Developing New Tourist Area: River Kwai / Hindat Hot Pools / Kanchanaburi, Thailand