Unless funds are already available, it's necessary to have an income while living in Western Thailand.

Two existing incomes are offered, with the English Language existing business being an optional extra.

Add $45,000 to the property purchase price. 

If not wanted the business will be kept by current owners.

The Black Peppercorn ('can be franchised locally') has been actioned already and can be developed or abandoned, as the new owner wishes.

All contacts, details, and assistance is available to new owners.


Ginger Peppercorns


These peppercorns grow in the humid and warm climate of Kanchanaburi and do very well. Western Thailand is perfect, for this variety of black pepper spice.


Another contributing factor is the environment where the peppercorns are grown. They grow in an area where the ground is covered in different varieties of ginger plants, all this, in an an old and mature Mango orchard.


The soil is rich and has layers of mango leaf mulch, with ginger plants growing all over as well.

Test plantings, completed last year, revealed that these ginger peppercorns have a distinctive floral note to start and a spike of heat at the finish. Laplair Ginger Peppercorns we believe will rival Tellicherry peppercorns in pungency and flavor consistency.


Now 100 plants have been set which (each season) will produce 1000 new vines with the exact same peppercorn pungency. Once the 1000 vines have been set, 10,000 additional vines can be planted.

There is ample growing space and enough trees to support this method of growing. As the numbers increase it will be necessary to transplant gingers to the new areas, if the ginger aspect is to be maintained.

Ginger grown outside of the ginger areas does not have the exact same flavor as the Ginger Vines.

The ginger flowers are so beautiful and the roots can be harvested, of course.


You Do The Numbers

100 Ginger peppercorn vines produce close to 1kg of ripe peppercorns a month. Cuttings can be gathered once every 2 months to set new vines.

Both black and white peppercorns can be produced with demand for each. However the pungent black variety fetches from 85 THB to 250 THB, which is higher than white peppercorns.

If vine cuttings are used, no additional vines need be bought. This has 2 advantages.

1. Cuttings cost = 0.

2. The purhased vines will not be as good (it is assumed) as the existing Ginger Peppercorns. (no growth history).

Selling larger quantities means a higher price can be demanded as smaller quantities require the same amount of work with drying and sorting.

Each season brings a slightly better yield.

As appropriate, local farmers can be contracted to grow peppercorns with a guaranteed buy back of around 75 THB dry bagged.

In the dry season, water will be applied as per the test plantings during the dry season.THIS TWICE WEEKLY WATER SCHEDULE IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THE GROWING PROCESS. Vehicle and water pumps are available.


Water comes from one of the two big lakes, at no cost except for the benzine.


Labor Required


Peppercorns are not very labor intensive but do require care and attention. In the wet season (from June to October'ish) nothing much is required.

However in the dry season - from October to end May - it is essential to spray the vines with water, twice a week as a minimum. In the past this was done manually with back packs and long sprays. Now a piped water supply has been established to bring pumped water to everywhere the vines are growing. A new owner may consider adding extending this system to deliver the water at the top height of the vines.


Laplair Forest Lakes

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